Every successful brand has its own unique feature. At Rekhas, our outfitting is our uniqueness. Yes, nowhere can you get such a flawless fit or seamless stitching like you get at Rekhas.

Every suit tailored by us is a stylish sensation and a treat to the eyes. Even simple clothes look “haute couture” when they are tailored by Rekhas. Customization is our forte and we pride in it.

The fit and the finish rendered by our expert craftsmen give the ordinary fabric, an extraordinary look like never before.

Several suiting styles difficult to reproduce are created effortlessly by our expert costumiers and garment-makers.


Another speciality of ours is our endless range of exquisite men's suits

Never before can you see such a wide variety of men’s suits, all under one roof. Business suits, casual suits, summer suits, dinner suits, wedding suits and party suits… the list is never-ending.

From custom tailored suits to ready-to-wear suits, any suit that you desire will be offered by Rekhas. Nowhere can you find ready-mades in such unique styles and all sizes, other than Rekhas.

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The other salient aspect of Rekhas is their sterling service

At Rekhas, we believe in total customer satisfaction and we go the extra mile to provide you with that. Every little aspect of alteration, customization or innovation in the design suggested by you, is immediately implemented to your taste. Our tailoring consultants also advise you on what looks best for you but they finally follow your directions to give you the output you desire.
When you wear a suit from Rekhas, you are bound to be the focus of all attention. So prepared to be in the limelight when you don a Rekhas creation!

Every outfit from Rekhas is so unique and original that it sets a trend of its own. 

Come, don a Rekhas creation and let the world follow your style!

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