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Mrs.& Mr.Rekha Alimchandani

Rekhas Story

The seeds of Rekhas success was sown by Mrs.& Mr.Rekha Alimchandani in the 1990s.

This was a time when the fashion-conscious elite of Asia used to travel abroad to Europe and USA in search of rich fabrics and new trends to showcase their persona. Not everyone could spare the time and effort to go to France or Italy in pursuit of the pristine trends.

For people like these who yearned to style by draping themselves in the finest fabrics, M. Alimchandani arrived as the “Merchant Messiah“. Yes, for 40 years, Mr.Alimchandani had been serving the Indonesian elite by scouting for the right fabrics and importing them from Europe. It was this seasoned experience that made Mr.Alimchandani step in to fill this dire need for fashion and fabrics.

Now, fabrics were at their doorstep when the rich and royal of Indonesia wanted it. But what about good costumiers and suit makers? There were none who met the high standards of quality set by Mr.Alimchandani. Also, there was a great demand for custom-made shirts and suits among the business class of Indonesia.  To cater to this huge demand, Mr.Alimchandani, with his wife, started engaging the best tailors, needleworkers, suit makers and garment makers from all over the world.

Mr.Alimchandani firmly believed that “only an expert craftsman or tailor could transform a fabric into fashion”.  So he recruited only the best master craftsmen who were able to turn out seamless stitching and finishing for the fabrics.

With a vision to dress the elite of Indonesia impeccably, Mr.Alimchandani founded “Rekha’s tailors”

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Rekhas Excuiste Tailoring

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This vision is carried forward in the second generation by Mr.Malik Alimchandani, who is following his father’s footsteps in bringing European fashion and fabrics to the doorsteps of Indonesia. He travels across the world in search of the best fabrics and finishing accessories to serve his patrons with style. Mr.Malik goes even further to ensure that “a new sensation is created by the styles from Rekhas”.

With total commitment to serving their customers, Rekhas tailors are continuing a legacy of matchless quality and sterling service.