It is a cosmos of colourful fabrics, couture garments and custom apparel at Rekhas.  

Enter this garment empire and watch the world of wonderful fashion unfold in front of you. European elegance, Italian innovations, French fashion and Asian ethos meet there to give you the finest in male fashion.

Exotic fabrics and exquisite fashions merge here when Rekhas create a masterpiece for you. Pick up a fabric that suits your comfort and a style that reflects your persona. Hand it to Rekhas and watch a sensation evolve as your outfit.

Specializing in custom tailoring for men, Rekhas also provides ready-to-wear shirts and suits for their busy clientele.

Our endless range of fine fashion include:

  • European suits
  • American suits
  • Mandarin suits
  • Indonesian Batik suits
  • Hajj Collections
  • Custom shirts and suits
  • Ready-to-wear shirts and suits

Rekhas impressive product line gives you the perfect poise and posture to parade in style!

European Suits

Accomplished men and Achievers always attire themselves in European fashion when they do international business. This is why European suits have become the norm for all corporate meetings and cocktail dinners.

British suits are formal and well-finished. The Italians prefer it sleek and sophisticated. The French would rather count on a dash of a passion and style. Take a look at these different styles of male suiting and choose what’s best for you.  Get your suit fashioned by Rekhas to get the perfect look and style.

Custom suits in European style are arrayed attractively at Rekhas.

British blazers, English jackets and  Savile Row suits are lined up here in a broad variety.  Italian pantaloni and Armani suits vie for your attention as they are showcased in style. French cuff shirts and Navy suits flaunt their sleek style from the shelves.

Rich suits, Royal suits, Navy suits, Business suits, Lounge suits, Cocktail suits, Dinner suits and even Wedding suits are available in elegant designs at Rekhas and can be customized to your taste impeccably.

European Suits in indonesia

European elegance at its best - only at Rekhas

American Suits

For men who want casual elegance, American suits are the best. Less formal and more casual, American suits allow you a great deal of comfort and convenience. Choose between the classic American style for regular meetings or Tuxedo style for dinner and cocktail parties. Rekhas will tailor it for you trendily and tastefully.

American suit in iondonesia

Attractive and awesome- Rekha's American suits!

Mandarin Suits

Be it a formal or an informal occasion, Mandarin suits just style you perfectly for the event. This is why Mandarin suits are still popular in Asia and Europe and are hence Rekhas speciality too. Choose from the Round-collar Mandarin shirts or the full-buttoned Mandarin jacket to create a fashion statement. Pick up a design and get it tailored at Rekhas or select from among the ready-to-wear wares.

Mandarin suits in indonesia

Make the most of Mandarin style only with Rekhas.

Indonesian Batik Suits

Truly Indonesian, Batik suits area part of the national costume of Indonesia and are favoured by all. Experts at creating unique Batik shirts and suits, Rekhas have catered to almost all the weddings and occasions of the big business houses with their Batik wares.

Batik suit in indonesia

Distinct and dignified, Rekha's perfect outfitting makes your Batik suits "simply breathtaking" to see and to wear!

Hajj Collections

Embarking on the Hajj pilgrimage or an Umrah, is by itself, a demanding task. Amidst all the ibadah, men do not have time to even think of buying the right clothing suitable for these pilgrimages. The attire has to conform to the spiritual beliefs yet be convenient and cosy, to allow men to concentrate on their ibadah for their dua.

Rekhas recognizes and respects your need for this kind of “religious outfits” and hence readies these spiritual apparel as per the norms prescribed in the Shari ‘at. These spiritual wear are exclusively designed by expert Moslem tailors and are hence called “Hajj Collections”.

Jubbahs, Thobes, Kanduras,  Bishts, Shemaghs and Prayer caps are available in Turkish, Omani and Saudi styles.

thobe in indonesia

Rely on Rekha's to give you the best of religious wear for Hajj and Umrah

Custom Suits & Shirts

If you want your clothing to reflect your identity and personality, opt for custom shirts and suits from Rekha’s. Our designers will suggest the right styles to suit our profile, physique and persona and incorporate your suggestions to give you a classic look, which is just hard to beat.

Rekhas custom clothing is famous in Asia for their perfect fit and smooth stitching.

Custom Suits in indonesia

Flawless and finely tailored, Rekha's custom wear makes everyone stare!

Ready-made shirts and suits

Businessmen are busy bees with busy schedules. Yet they have to look poised, professional and perfectly dressed. And the only way to do this effortlessly is with Rekhas ready-to-wear line of shirts and suits.

Rekhas ready to wear shirts and suits are available in all sizes and designs. Available in different fabrics to suit your style and purpose, Rekhas ready-to-wear shirts and suits make you ever-ready for any occasion. Be it personal or official, Rekhas readymade shirts and suits just fit you to a tee.

Ready to wear shirts

Rise up to any occasion, richly dressed, in Rekha's ready-to-wear shirts and suits.