Located in the heart of the capital city Jakarta, Rekhas tailors resides royally in the prestigious Plaza Indonesia. Renowned for their reputation as the best tailors in Indonesia, Rekhas tailors in the Plaza Indonesia are easy to find and easier to shop at.

All the best hotels and restaurants in Indonesia are located at the Plaza Indonesia and it is here that the best tailor in Jakarta- Rekhas, resides. Almost all international tourists stay at the Grand Hyatt, BCA Tamarin, Da Vinci or Mandarin Oriental and when they scout for men’s suits nearby, the obvious choice is Rekhas.

Shop for all varieties of men’s suits and shirts, tailored or custom suits at Rekhas. Specialists in Indonesian tailoring styles, Rekhas is a must stop on every shopper’s list.

Rekhastailor indonesia

Situated in the heart of the capital city, Rekhas dwells in the hearts of Indonesia