Any man can wear a suit but only a gentleman wears couture!

Yes, it is that touch of class that differentiates a custom tailored suit from all others. And this is the reason why Rekhas specialize in custom tailoring for men, for Rekhas believe that all their patrons are gentlemen of high class.

Rekhas forte lies in their craftsmanship in suit stitching.

Seamless Stitching​

The style of a garment is revealed in its cut, stitch and fit.  And all these 3 elements are at their best at Rekhas.

A correct cut, seamless stitch, and above all, a perfect fit is what Rekhas aims at.

Each garment is pick-stitched to give the finest finish. Hems are sewn, buttons are knit, seams are overlaid to give the perfect suit for the gentleman to adorn. Cuffs, collars, lapels, sleeves and arm cuts are specially checked to ensure that these fragile areas are doubly protected. Every attire undergoes a final quality check before it is delivered to the customer.

Complete customer satisfaction is their motto and we at Rekhas have built a robust reputation for it.

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Perfect Suit Tailoring

A suit, in itself, is a classy garment. Used for formal occasions and important family celebrations, the suit has its own elements that require a special attention.

The collar, cuffs, sleeves, lapels, pockets, waist covering, waistbands, trouser hems and trouser creases are the areas that need to be meticulously tailored.  One single stitch gone astray will spoil the look of the entire suit.

Rekhas has a team of master craftsmen, tailors, and suit makers who are chosen precisely for their expertise. Every suit is tailored impeccably in their able hands with precision and care.

This is why every suit of Rekhas is a masterpiece.

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Custom Suit Tailoring

Every customer has a unique taste and style.  Rekhas think it is their responsibility to make the customer’s dream of a great suit transform into reality.

With their rich experience of 40 years, at Rekhas, we have clearly understood the tastes, wishes and needs of every customer intuitively. Our tailoring consultants adjudge the requirements of the customer by listening patiently. Then, they give recommendations and suggestions on every aspect of the suit.

Right from choosing the right fabric to suit the occasion or purpose to the style to select the style that fits the client’s personality and physique, every detail of suit stitching is discussed with exhaustive inputs from our side.  

Our consultants present a wide range of fabrics, suit designs, button, cuff and lapel models, embroidery patterns, stone selections to complement the suit style.

Extensive range of designs and an enormous variety of suit embellishments are available only at Rekhas.

Custom Suits in indonesia

Flawless fit for Priceless Fashion

At Rekha’s, we pride on our flawless fit when it comes to suit tailoring for men and even vouch for it.
Our “state-of-the-art” non-intrusive digital measuring devices, imported from Germany, help us to capture the client’s physical attributes and measurements perfectly. With this top-end technology, there is no chance of a misfit at Rekha’s.

Using these digital measurements, our master craftsmen transform the exquisite fabrics to exotic suit designs, as per the client’s needs. Be it Formal suits, Business suits, Wedding suits or Casual suits and shirts, the fit, of course, is flawless and the finish is fantastic!

business suits in indonesia

At Rekha's, Priceless Fashion emerges from a Flawless Fit.

No Compromise on Quality

There is one thing which you cannot find at Rekhas and that is poor suits or cheap shirts for men.

We are very sorry but since we are absolutely committed to quality and customer satisfaction, we DO NOT deal with low-grade fabrics or goods.

Our “No-compromise on Quality” motto has helped us stand tall above others in this field of expert suit tailoring. So, remember at Rekhas, the price may not be less, but your suit will be PRICELESS.