Austere and aristocratic- these terms aptly define a Mandarin suit. 

Yes, Mandarin suits are known for their formal look and professional appearance.  Distinctly regal, this Oriental suit is so called because it dates back to the Qing dynasty of China and is essentially Mandarin by ancestry.

Mandarin suits are characterized by a closed neck with a round collar which gives them a stiff and formal appearance. However, this tight collar does not diminish the popularity of the Mandarin suit.

Mandarin suits have been favoured by the rich and royal in many forms. This round-collared suit was a hot favourite of the Beatles and the Monkees. In Hollywood, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan even the legendary James Bond sported a Mandarin suit in many of their movies.

Mandarin suits in indonesia

Mandarin Suits

Round collar suits for men in indonesia

Round Collared Suit

Oriental suits

Oriental Suits

In India, the royal aristocrats of  Rajasthan preferred the Mandarin suit as their royal costume and called it “bandhgala”.  Regularly worn by India’s first P.M., Jawaharlal Nehru, the Mandarin jacket earned a nickname as “Nehru’s jacket” abroad.

Due to its austere appearance, the Mandarin suit has been adopted for Military uniforms and Christian clerical clothing.

The Mandarin suit thus exudes a feeling of dignity, sobriety and respectability, all of which are rendered by its careful customization in expert hands of designers like Rekha’s.

bandhgala suits in Indonesia

Bandhgala Suit

Nehru's jacket

Nehru's jacket

Mandarin jacket

Mandarin jacket

Rekhas Mandarin Suits

The tailoring of a Mandarin suit requires much precision and finesse.

Yes, the collar is straight with its edges being straight or rounded at the top of the central front. The edges may meet or overlap slightly. Normally, overlapping edges are a part of the shirt’s placket. If the edges overlap, a button is provided to secure the edges of the shirt together.

Rekha’s team of expert couturiers are adept at creating Mandarin suits of every variety. Classic Mandarin suits, modern Mandarin suits, wedding suits in Mandarin-style – all are expertly created only at Rekha’s.

Magnificent Mandarin suits mindfully made for you- only at Rekha’s.

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Classic Mandarin Suits

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Modern Mandarin Suits