Fantastic and floral, vivid and vibrant, textured and trendy- this is Batik for you.

Batik designs on clothing are always in vogue and is a speciality’s it makes the garment informally formal or formally informal.

Hand-printed and wholly ethnic, these Batik designs bring in an element of gaiety and freshness to a gentleman’s dressing. Be it at a conference or a casino, you can easily sport Batik with élan as Batik shirts go well with casual capris or custom jackets.

Refresh your wardrobe by replenishing it with these real authentic Batik shirts and suits from Rekhas.

Batik fabric in indonesia

What is Batik?

Batik is an art of fabric printing that is deeply woven into the culture and heritage of Indonesia and now spread across the world. This technique of fabric printing is indigenous to Indonesia and a part of its national costume. Every Indonesian has at least one Batik shirt or suit in his wardrobe.

Batik painting on clothes was popular in Indonesia since the 12th century and has now become the rage worldwide. While the term Batik refers to a technique of fabric-patterning, it encompasses a variety of styles which is known only to a select few like Rekha’s.

Batik Patterns

Batik in Rekhas

Rekha’s pride themselves on being experts in Batik. With their 40 years of cloth trading experience in Indonesia, we at Rekha’s know the art of Batik design like the back of our hand.

Step into Rekha’s to view the gallery of Batik prints. Feel enchanted by this fabric design of Indonesia available in exquisite variety exclusively here, only at Rekha’s. Beautiful Batik patterns and motifs are printed on fabrics in Parang, Lerung, Kawung, Gringsing and Ceplok styles. Unique themes from Java, Batak, Dayak, Papua and Riau regions of Indonesia add a distinctive touch to the Indonesian Batik clothing available only here.

While the world looks on Batik as a mode of fashion, for Indonesians, Batik has a sentimental value too and Rekha’s respects that. This is why the quality of Batik clothing available at Rekha’s has unparalleled quality and unique designs. Every Batik shirt or suit from Rekha’s will only carry designs with auspicious attributes and good luck features to respect the sentiments of the wearer.

handmade Batik in indonesia

Handmade Batik

Batik shirt in indonesia

Batik Shirt

Batik suit in indonesia

Batik Suit

modern Batik in indonesia

Modern Batik

Best Batik in Indonesia

Indonesia markets are full of Batik but the best Batik in Indonesia is only at Rekhas and we guarantee that.

From historical handmade Batik to modern Batik, all kinds of Batik prints are available here. Batik cloth is available in different materials like silk, satin, velvet, cotton etc. From exotic Batik designs in patterns of flora and fauna for causal outings to sober palettes of Batik colours for formal occasions, you can find the right kind of Batik cloth for all purposes only here.

All types of Batik designs, like Bali Batik, Sumatran Batik, Priangan Batik, inland or coastal Batik designs abound here at Rekhas. Exclusive motifs like Batik Baduy, Batik Banten or Batik Kuningan can be found only here at Rekhas for the connoisseurs.

This is why when we say that the other name for original Indonesian Batik is Rekhas.

Bali Batik

Bali Batik

Sumatran Batik

Sumatran Batik

Priangan Batik in indonesia

Priangan Batik

inland or coastal Batik in indonesia

Inland/Coastal Batik

Batik shirts and Batik suits

Buying Batik is one thing and customizing it is another. Your exquisite Batik can become an elegant masterpiece to wear only when it is entrusted to the right designers like Rekhas.

Even if you buy the costliest Batik in town, if it is not tailored well with the right fit, it looks cheap! This is why tailoring Batik is most crucial and has to be done only by experts like Rekhas.

With Batik, you can look formal or informal, sober or stylish, casual or conventional. Our tailoring consultants at Rekhas will help you select the right Batik fabric and design to suit the occasion and style it perfectly for you as well.

Tailoring Batik suits is also a challenge as the fit has to look just right to give the gentleman the look of efficiency and elegance.  Our Batik suits from Rekhas are so professional that they are worn to offices as business suits and also to casual cocktail dinner parties with the same élan.

So no worries, just head to Rekhas for all your Batik needs and walk away super-satisfied for

“When it comes to Indonesian Batik shirts or suits, Rekhas is the name for you.”