Globetrotters and international businessmen always attire themselves in European suits.

European suits are not only elegant but efficient too as they are comfortable and convenient to wear for all occasions.

The European suit is basically of 3 varieties-

  • The British suit
  • The Italian suit
  • The American suit

British Suits

If you are looking for a suit that will give you a perfectly professional look irrespective of the fabric used, then you must opt for the British suit.

The British suit is traditional, formal and strictly sober. No flair or flamboyance can be seen in this suit.

Slim cut and supportive, the British suit is comfortable and convenient for office or evening wear. Available in single-breasted or double-breasted cuts, the British suits follow the natural outline of the body and conform to its physical attributes.

The British jacket has a structured shoulder and thick shoulder pads of canvas while its pants are high-waisted with double pleats and a flat front.

British suits in indonesia

Pick up a tweed suit, plaid or striped suit but let your British suit be from Rekha’s to give you that combined look of class and confidence.

Italian Suits

Italian suits

Rekha’s Italian suits are smooth, seamless and give a seductive appearance to every gentleman

Flair and flamboyance are the trademarks of the Italian suit.

Extra-slim and sleek, the Italian suit is for the young and modern and those who focus more style than comfort.

Made of a lighter fabric, with unstructured shoulders, flapless pockets, tapered waist and tight hips, the Italian suit is hard to cut and style as it needs a master craftsman to give it the sleek look.

French Suits

Classy and chic are the words for French suits.

The French suit concentrates on the details more than the style. The perfect fit and the right colour combinations are more important here than the extra trappings of the suit.

With a sharp cut and a close fit, the French suit exudes both couture and confidence.

French suits

Entrust your French suit in the right hands of Rekhas to get it meticulously detailed and marvelously finished