Have you ever had the experience of walking into a garment shop and trying shirts or suits one-by-one and not finding one that fits you perfectly? Well, most of us have had this experience. But not anymore, for custom tailoring at Rekhas can give you a flawless fit, correctly contoured to your body’s silhouette.

Custom shirts and suits are Rekhas speciality and strength. They fit you like a second skin, making you feel smug, comfy and casual in your customware.

Rekhas specialize in the latest suit designs for men and its team of expert tailors, costumiers and couturiers are familiar with all the men’s suit styles. From business suits and formal suits to casual suits and summer suits, all types of men’s suits are designed and stitched by Rekhas.

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Casual Suits

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Business Suits

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Formal Suits

Be it any material or fabric, Rekhas can transform it into the best garment for every gentleman. Cotton suits, wool suits, tweed jackets or plaid jackets, and even sweater designs can be tailor-made to your size with the best fit at Rekhas.

At Rekhas, the use of non-intrusive digital measuring devices to capture your physical measurements and the expert hands of its master craftsmen ensure the precision in customization for your “made-to-measure” clothing.

Bespoke suits are our speciality and this is why we assure with your complete confidence, that your custom suits will have the best fit when they are tailored by us. In fact, our fitting is so perfect that your suit feels like a second skin for you.

Our custom tailored suits are often so “haute couture” that you can even take a ramp walk in them!
Our motto of total quality and complete customer satisfaction guarantee you that every custom shirt or suit from Rekha’s is perfect in quality and precise in fit.

Custom tailoring is at its complete best – only at Rekha’s.