American suit in iondonesia


American suits are for those who love the loose and comfy variety. Often called the “sack suit“, the American suit is ideal for well-built persons with a broad physique.

With its loose and boxy fit, single-breasted cut, centre vent, loose shoulder holes and triple buttons, the American suit is less expensive and can be easily customized.

Ideal for those who want to give a casual and carefree look to their dressing, the American suit is devoid of pleats, padding or folds.  Of a universal design that fits all, the American suit is for those who want to gel with the crowd and yet be recognized.

The American suit comes in 2 varieties- the traditional “sack” suit and the modern hybrid suit

Traditional Sack Suit

Modern Hybrid Suit

Traditional sack suit

The traditional American suit focuses on comfort while the modern American suit merges the British draping style with the sack style.

hybrid suit in indonesia

The modern American suit has a darted jacket, 2 button closure and higher armholes.

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For a classic look for your evening wear, tuxedos are the best and Rekhas specialize in them.

For a dapper and debonair look, a gentleman always prefers a tuxedo.

But it is not easy to tailor a tux, mind you.

Right from choosing the jacket- single or double-breasted, tie bowtie, butterfly or semi-butterfly to the formal vest or cummerbund vest, a tux has a lot of details to pay attention too.

Rekhas consultants can correctly guide you to select the right elements for your tux and transform it into a trend-setting sensation.

tuxedo suits in indonesia

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