6 Bodacious Benefits of Bold Clothing

Wearing great clothes is an important part of getting ahead in life. It lets people know you’re not cheap. You seem more stable. People see the attire and think that you have your life in order. You give off good vibes to people around you.

In business terms, your costume is like a package and you are the product. No matter how great the product may be, it won’t appear great unless it’s packaged well. People are naturally hardwired to judge a book by its cover, which is why you need to present yourself in the proper manner. Here are the six bodacious benefits of bold clothing:

Altered Perceptions

In an almost subliminal manner, you have changed the way that people view you. Dressing well helps you attract attention, and not in a negative way. A great outfit will be the difference between getting the job, or a client accepting the offer. Just start dressing well, and you will notice a shift in the way people behave when you’re around. People are more willing to listen to someone who has their act together, and wearing flattering clothing is one of the best ways to show it.


Most people tend to gravitate towards those who are well-dressed. It may seem superficial, but this impresses them. Not only this, but they are less likely to forget about you as well. People can’t tell what your personality is like at a glance, but your clothes are a large factor that people will observe before they decide to approach you. When you dress well, you turn heads and get noticed and remembered. By wearing your best suits to an occasion, you are sure to leave an everlasting impression on others.


Because you pay attention to what you wear, you seem like a respectable person. People will know that you put thought and time into taking care of yourself. Your bold clothing will command respect and you will be allowed to speak uninterrupted because people want to hear your opinions. Conversely, people will open up to you more and will share a lot of information with you. This is because respect goes hand in hand with trust. You know the saying “dress for the job you want, not the one you have”? Well, it’s true. If you dress like an important person, people will soon start treating you like one.


By looking classy, you seem more friendly to strangers, co-workers, and superiors.   People will smile at you more and be nice to you. They will probably compliment you on your clothing. Your impeccable style will make you seem like a happy and casual guy. As a result, more men and women will want to associate with you. Your social circle and status will increase as a result of some sharp dressing. You can even get away with certain behavior like arriving late or incomplete as long as you look good while doing it. Only once in a while though, so don’t get any ideas!


When you wear great clothes, you feel great, both physically and mentally.  You aren’t worrying about your looks or stressed out that you could have dressed better. As the clothes fit well and look good on you, it puts you at ease. You will scratch and fidget less and are comfortable in your own clothing. You are at peace and your mind is clear, allowing you to perform the presentation or sales pitch at ease. Compare this to bad clothing which makes you distracted and causes you to lose focus.   

Increased Confidence

Dressing well also gives you confidence. This is a result of the previous benefits. As stated in the previous point, because you have one less thing to worry about, your confidence levels increase. A great get-up strikes the right balance between egotism and timidness. Dress the part and you give the impression of someone who oozes confidence. Even though you may not be the best orator, your awesome fashion sense gives you the appearance of one. Just take a look in the mirror. Knowing that you look great will work wonders. When you have good attire on, you feel like you can conquer the world!

Bold Clothing from Rekha’s Tailors

First impressions matter a lot, and you want to put your best foot forward and show off your greatness. You may find that your overall lifestyle improves as the clothes motivate you to improve yourself. Dressing dapper will help you not just professionally but in all walks of life. Book an appointment with Rekha’s Tailors right now and visit us at the Plaza Indonesia Mall in Jakarta. We can help you get these 6 great benefits of bold clothing. If you need more information, contact us.

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